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                             Frequently Asked Questions
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What preparation do I need to carry out for my spray tan?
You should exfoliate well the day before your tan in order to remove any dead skin cells (this will help prolong your tan).
If you shave or wax, this should also be done before the day of your tan.
Do not wear deodorants or make up or any other preparation on your skin on tanning day as these can act as a barrier to the tanning solution.
How does spray tanning work?
Your body is sprayed with a solution that contains a certain percentage of DHA (DiHydroxyAcetone), a colorless sugar which reacts with the Amino acids in the dead layers of your skin and over a period of a few hours goes brown - just the same as an apple does when you have bitten it. As these dead skin cells naturally wear off, the color gradually fades, just like a genuine sun tan!
Is spray tanning safe?
Yes! DHA has been approved for cosmetic use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Canadian Health Ministry and most of the EU member nations. It is considered nontoxic and non carcinogenic. DHA based Sunless tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Organization, American Academy of Dermatology, Canadian Dermatology Association, The American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association.
How long does a spray tan last?
Your body constantly 'sloughs off' dead skin cells. This is why natural sun tans fade over a few days. Spray tanning only affects the outer skin layer, so again, as your skin cells are naturally shed, the spray tan will fade. Your tan should last 5-10 days, typically 7 days, but longer if you look after your skin by moisturizing every day. However, we cannot offer a guarantee as everyone is different.
Is it OK for people of any age to spray tan?
Yes it is. However, we require the signature and presence of the parent or guardian for those under 18. Also, we require that they are clothed in either swim trunks for males or bikini for females (or equivalent clothing
How long after the application can I go in water or sweat?
We recommend about 8 hours. Sunless tan longevity varies from person to person and according to your lifestyle. Long exposure to water will fade your tan.  The longer you are in the water, the lighter your tan will get. Having follow up sessions on a weekly maintenance schedule allows the tan to saturate the skin better. The tan will then hold up longer in water. Be sure to moisturize every day, this helps maintain the tan.
Can pregnant or nursing mothers get an Airbrush Tan?
The concern some doctors have is over whether or not the active ingredient (DHA) is able to enter the blood stream; the indications are that it cannot. DHA only penetrates the outer most layer of the skin. However, if the client is still concerned they should consult their physician first. FYI: DHA has been used as a cosmetic ingredient in the United States since 1960 and no problems have ever been reported concerning DHA penetrating the skin, or causing problems during pregnancy.
Before, During, and After Airbrush Tanning:
To prepare for your upcoming tanning session make sure your skin is free of any moisturizers, lotions, creams, oil or make-up before we arrive!
We also recommend that you exfoliate your skin to remove all dead skin cells prior to our arrival. For the tanning session wear a dark bikini or any undergarment which will give you the desired tan lines. Of course, you may undress completely if you prefer no tan lines at all. Remember to have a change of clothes ready to slip into immediately after tanning (dark, loose clothing is best). Before we begin airbrushing we'll help you choose a skin tone and recommend procedures and products to help you maintain your new tan, as well as the health of your skin. I take pride in offering only the highest grade tanning sprays, amplifiers, and lotions.
Airbrush Tanning:
Your technician will apply our tanning formula using a specially designed airbrush. My solution does include a bronzer - this is a temporary coloring agent - which allows us to immediately see an approximation of the skin tone you will have once the tanning agent (DHA) takes effect about 8 hours after application. Without the bronzer our tanning experts would be applying the formula blind. This bronzer is what you will see come off during your first shower. This is normal and doesn't mean that your tan is washing off.
After Care:
Wait at least 8 hours before showering or rinsing your body after your tan is applied. At your first shower after tanning, expect about 25% - 30% of the color to wash off. This is the bronzing agent and is normal. We recommend you wear dark, loose clothing immediately following your tanning session, until your first shower. And keep a towel handy around the house and in the car, since the bronzer (temporary coloring) may rub off. Your new tan is now complete. It will fade slowly over the next 5-10 days. You can increase the life of your tan by using a pre-tanning amplifier before and a good quality tan extender after tanning. We also recommend using a quality moisturizer daily to keep your skin hydrated. Please note, if you're going outside in the sun, apply sun block as you normally would to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. Keep your skin healthy and your tan will look better and last longer.
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